Enjoy a wide range of activities

around the Hôtel du Nord

in Besançon

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The Hôtel du Nord allows you to quickly reach many activities in and around Besançon, thanks to its convenient location. Discover museums, cycling, concerts and shows, for example.

Reserve a room at the Hôtel du Nord

and discover Besançon,

a city steeped in history and culture

Discover the town of Besançon, birthplace of the Lumière Brothers and Victor Hugo, and discover its numerous historic monuments, such as the Saint John Cathedral or the Saint-Pierre church. Dive deep into the city’s culture and heritage by opting for a guided tour.

What to do in Besançon?

Want to have fun during your stay? Think about the activities you can enjoy nearby when searching for a hotel in Besançon. For more information, visit the website of the city’s tourist Office.

Why not visit Besançon’s museums?

A range of museums ensure there’s something for every culture or history lover:

  • Victor Hugo Museum: through different spaces, this place of memory traces the life and struggles of Victor Hugo, author ofLes Misérables.
  • Musées de la Citadelle : Museum of French Resistance and Deportation, Comtois Museum, the Museum.
  • Museum of Fine Arts and Archaeology: a wide survey of Western art, from Prehistory to the mid-twentieth centurye siècle.
  • Musée des armées Lucien Roy : retrace les conflits impliquant la France.
  • Museum of Comtoise Houses, near Besançon: discover various types of traditional regional houses from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, in their natural environment, within a large 15-acre park.
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Find a room in our hotel so that you can enjoy yourself in Besançon!

Finding a hotel so that you can enjoy activities in Besançon isn’t always easy. Stay in a room at the Hôtel du Nord, and find activities for the whole family nearby. View our rates.

Do you know about Besançon’s watchmaking expertise?

In Besançon, long considered the French capital of watchmaking, you can discover a extraordinary astronomical clock (with more than 30,000 parts and 11 movements), found in Besançon cathedral, as well as the Museum of Time or numerous watchmaking workshops.

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Leisure and discovery

Leisure activities are available for both adults and children: hiking or cycling, swimming pools and lakes, canoeing, Besançon golf course, skating rink, etc.

A Unesco World Heritage site, the Citadel of Besançon, considered one of the most beautiful in France, is a Vauban masterpiece. Not to be missed!

Passionate about sports?

We have beIN Sports channels at our hotel!

Looking for a hotel where you can watch beIN Sports in Besançon?

The Hôtel du Nord has this sports television channel, so you won’t miss your match or competition.

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Concerts and shows

Enjoy a range of shows, artists, concerts and opera at the Besançon National Stage and at the Besançon Franche-Comté National Drama Centre.

Are you a cycling enthusiast?

Book a room at the Hôtel du Nord, near Euro Velo 6!

Treat yourself to a bike ride along the EuroVelo6, located near the Hôtel du Nord in Besançon, and enjoy the surrounding landscape.

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Hydrotherapy, for a wellness-focused stay!

Is wellness an important part of your stay? Thermal water treatments, massages, a relaxation area (swimming pool, hammam, sauna) and a fitness space await you at the Salins-les-Bains thermal spa, about 40 km from Besançon.